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Private Sessions

Emotional Alchemy

Every difficult situation offers an opportunity to transform our pain and come home to ourselves in a deeper way. As Carl Jung once said, "One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of Light, but by making the darkness conscious." I invite you to join me in this powerful journey of Radical Self-Love.



Plant medicine work is powerful, life changing, and paradigm-shifting. Integrating this work is what allows that gift to become a part of you, as you move forward along your journey of healing and awakening. 

Meditation Demystified

Meditation is as simple as it is ancient, with experiential effects ranging from physical relaxation to transcendental union. Anyone can do it, and I am here to guide you on an internal journey to the ever-present sense of home within each of us. 

Important Disclaimer:  I am not a certified doctor or therapist, and these sessions are not intended in any way to replace work with a licensed psychotherapist or other medical professional. What I can offer is insight, tools and practices from almost a decade of personal experience, specifically regarding the journey of transformation & empowerment, as well as the nuances of healing with entheogenic plant medicine and Amazonian shamanism. However, none of what I present is intended as medical advice. If you are seeking support with severe psychological distress or emotional trauma, it is important that you seek out a licensed professional who is legally qualified to help. 

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