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Written Reflections


The Ocean Gets It...

The ocean gets it. She rumbles and moves and flows. Life explodes into being through Her-- a constantly changing display of color, form and movement. She is Alive.

She does not resist the rising and falling of her tides.

She is embodied surrender to her violently crashing waves, as they make sudden and explosive contact with the apparently immobile shore.

She contacts obstacles along the way, but is propelled forward by an invisible, endless, mysterious momentum to continue her dance of Life.

Stagnant life continues to arise within me, as situational triggers summon forth old attempts of expression that were quelled short of completion long ago. I will not try to silence Life anymore. I will set Her free. I will let Her dance in me and thru me with every color in the palate of this complex spectrum of Being.

I welcome the liberation of all of the places where I keep Life captive inside of me. I have compassion for the wounded mechanisms within me that serve as gate, lock and key-- there is a terror that still burns in my heart and keeps these walls in place. But Life continues chipping away from the outside inwards, and the inside outwards, and I invite these cracks in the armor that no longer serves me..

I am watching as the fear and deep mistrust of Life is slowly (though not gently) being dissolved and transformed into trust & spaciousness -- fertile soil in which Life is embedding itself, planting seeds of abundance and fluidity and vitality and joyful DANCE. The war is over (and I want it to be).

Let us shed the residue of what has died within us, like a snake its skin. Let us open space within us for Life to flow through and burst forth with the uncensored, unobstructed fire of Being.


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