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Emotional Alchemy

Emotional Alchemy Sessions

Every trigger is an opportunity to reclaim your power.

This is Emotional Alchemy. 

In the ancient alchemical traditions, adepts learned to mysteriously transform base metal into gold. With the process of Emotional Alchemy, you will gain the tools to take the base metal of dense emotions and, through Radical Self-Love and Radical Personal Responsibility, turn it into the gold of emotional integration and personal empowerment. 

...because freedom is an inside job...

Wholeness is not an exclusionary state of Being. To be whole is to embrace all expressions of our humanity, especially the ones to which we feel fear or aversion. 

In these sessions, I will support you in your journey to: 


  • Reclaim rejected and abandoned pieces of yourself through radical self-love.

  • Learn safe, healthy, and appropriate ways to feel and express your emotions.

  • Learn to properly digest intense emotional states to extract the medicine they contain, and release the energetic charge from your nervous system.

  • Learn how to listen to and honor what is alive in you in any given moment.

  • Find and begin to heal the root of emotional triggers and the recurring patterns that keep you stuck.

  • Transform your relationship with yourself so you can become your strongest ally. 

  • Open to allow life to flow and express through you.

  • Reclaim your power.​

In the interest of grounding and integrating these tools into your life, a series 4-6 sessions is recommended. 

These sessions are also very powerful for couples who struggle with communication and creating harmony in relationship.

A contribution of $100 per session is requested. Discounted rates for multi-session packages are available.

For a free 30 minute discovery session to explore what you are looking for, what I offer, and how these two might meet in a way that supports your unfolding journey, please fill out the contact form. 


Important Disclaimer:  I am not a certified doctor or therapist, and these sessions are not intended in any way to replace work with a licensed psychotherapist or other medical professional. What I can offer is insight, tools and practices from almost a decade of personal experience, specifically regarding the journey of transformation & empowerment, as well as the nuances of healing with entheogenic plant medicine and Amazonian shamanism. However, none of what I present is intended as medical advice. If you are seeking support with severe psychological distress or trauma, it is important that you seek out a licensed professional who is legally qualified to help. 

What is Shadow Work?

Our life is animated by an intrepid, self-generating, Infinite force of power and light. This force is our very essence, and is in a constant state of movement and expression as it arises within us. Joy, anger, inspiration and sadness are all faces this creative life force takes as it dances through the vessel of our human reality. 

When unobstructed, life force flows into a particular manifestation and, through the full expression of that particular energetic form, releases back into the state of pure potential from which it came. 

Our natural state is receptive and fluid. Unhindered, our bodies contain the inherent intelligence to navigate life's complex maze of interaction. Our very design is set up for digesting life. 

But sometimes our conditioning gets in the way. Life experience and socialization have taught our subconscious operating system that certain expressions of our humanity are safe and acceptable, while others are dangerous and unwelcome. We learn that, in order to survive, we must suppress the less acceptable and undesirable parts of ourselves, including certain impulses for emotional expression. In doing so we inadvertently banish parts of our life force to the hidden corners of our unconscious being. This becomes our shadow, and is the soil in which an inevitable pattern of self-abandonment grows. 


We all abandon ourselves in different ways, as we subconsciously banish the undesirable bits of our being. For some, self-abandonment happens thru repressed emotion. We shun anger and sadness, judging and shaming ourselves when expressions that we perceive as unacceptable arise. For others, this self-abandonment looks like an inability to establish proper boundaries, as we ignore our own needs in the interest of appeasing another person, or assume responsibility for someone else's pain. Whatever the form, the result is the same: an internal disconnect and the suppression of our power. 

The ironic thing is that while this suppression may achieve a temporary experience of external harmony, these expressions of life force do not just disappear. They subconsciously create the painful and frustrating patterns that we continue to experience in our lives, and yet are unclear about how to shift. These patterns come back when we least expect it, surging forth like lava from the volcanic pressure cooker of our shadow. An inconsiderate action or thoughtless word triggers the fire of a thousand suns within us, and we are left wondering why our temper got so out of control, or why we feel depression and a dull lack of inspiration. Or, we become skilled at keeping the lid on our anger, and eventually a mysterious illness arises. Life force will always find some way to liberate itself into expression. 

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.” -Carl Jung

Our unacknowledged wounds will continue to inform our life experience until we reclaim and transform them. In this process of transformation, we are literally reclaiming and healing the lost and abandoned pieces of ourself, leading to a greater sense of peace, wholeness and vitality. This is shadow work. This is personal empowerment. This is Emotional Alchemy.

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