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Inhabiting The Ceremony of Life: The Ayahuasca Integration Course

Ayahuasca work initiates a powerful and dynamic process of transformation which, like life, is simultaneously both renewing and deconstructing. As you move from the ceremony space back into daily life, it is helpful to create a container that supports you in anchoring new perspectives and changes into your reality. 

This course will guide and support you in activating a solid foundation upon which your continued journey of growth, healing, embodiment and awakening can rest. 

It is divided into two parts: self-guided work and weekly group integration calls. In addition, you will have the option to join a Facebook group where you can interact with other people who are also participating in this process.

The self-guided work arrives as a course packet, which will be sent out every week. These packets will include practices, insights, and tools aimed at strengthening four pillars of support for your onward process of growth, healing and integration. Each week, you will have the opportunity to fortify your life in new and empowering ways. 


The Four Pillars of this course are: 

1. Gently Grounding Back Into “Normal” Life & Cultivating Self-Care 

Ceremony work can often result in a state of incredible vulnerability and receptivity. The experience of being held, nourished and supported in our raw, uncensored expression allows the nervous system to relax in very powerful ways. Often times we leave ceremony with an unprecedented level of psychic openness. Because of this space of heightened receptivity, returning to the concrete jungle of mainstream society can be a shock to the nervous system. The quiet, internalized ceremony mode is deeply contrasted by the aggressive sensory overload of modern western society.


On the other hand, sometimes our experience can leave us feeling quite shaken, as our understanding of "reality" gets turned upside down and old wounds come flooding to the surface for healing. Grounding and self-care, which are a crucial part of leading a balanced life, and become especially important during this transition. 

In this 8 week journey, you will receive support and insight for how to stay grounded, maintain a healthy & regulated nervous system, and develop a consistent practice of self-care. 

You will have the opportunity to use this integration process as a catalyst for creating a deeper, more mindful and compassionately communicative relationship with your entire being, beginning with your body and your nervous system. 


2. Empowering Your Connection to Spirit and the Natural Reality 

Part of what makes Ayahuasca work so magical is the experiential connection to the realm of Spirit— the world beyond our normal mundane perception, the place where all of our stories and struggles and pain dissolve into pure Love. 

Empowering this connection has an immeasurable impact on our overall sense of safety, balance and happiness. There are many ancient tools for cultivating this connection, and in this integration course you will learn how to ground some of these into your daily life. 

Meditation, Ritual, and connecting to Nature and Her cycles are some of the topics we will work with. This connection can not be emphasized enough for its capacity to support your continued integration of plant medicine work. 


3. Reprogramming Unproductive Habits and Cultivating Inspired States of Being 

So much of the Ayahuasca work is about gaining awareness of the unconscious patterns and beliefs that sabotage our health and happiness. 

While the ceremony work can help to clear some of this, a huge part of integration involves taking steps in daily life to ground these changes and replace the self-destructive habits with new, healthy alternatives. 

We will work with tools to support you in compassionately and mindfully grounding these changes into your life, as you learn to celebrate the small victories along the way. 

In addition to this, it is important to plant seeds for joyful expansion, and so we will also focus on cultivating new activities and endeavors that bring fresh inspiration and ecstatic growth into your life. 


4. Shadow Work & Radical Self-Love 

In many ways, this is the biggest and perhaps most challenging part of the work of integration. 

Our “shadow” is comprised of the unhealed and abandoned pieces of our Being. These are the wounds, beliefs and patterns that haunt us— they are rejected parts of ourselves that are ultimately calling out to us to reclaim, reconnect and heal them. 

Part of the brilliance of Ayahuasca is the capacity to bring these expressions from the unconscious realms into the surface of our awareness. 

And this is where integration becomes so crucial because, depending on how we work with them, these shadow pieces can either torture and confuse us, or they can offer a golden opportunity to break the patterns of self-abandonment and transform into guides along our journey home to wholeness. 

During the 8 weeks of this course, you will deepen your ability to skillfully and compassionately meet your resistance to these apparently unloveable parts of yourself.

In doing so, you will catalyze your healing and integration process. The result is a reclamation of your power and a deeper movement into a state of balance, healing and peace-filled embodiment. 


Group Calls 

In addition to the guided course work, we will gather online every week to connect, process and support each other in this integration journey.

This will be a powerful anchor for your work, and will also serve to fortify a sense of community and family with others who are undergoing a similar process.


The power of group work and tribal connection can not be honored or emphasized enough. As I’m sure you will notice, something incredibly powerful and medicinal happens when we gather in circle, and are able to both provide and receive support from our fellow travelers. 

It reminds us that we are not alone, and allows us to receive powerful insights and reflective wisdom from the common threads of experience that weave us together on this journey of Becoming. 

In the interest of giving everyone a meaningful amount of time for their individual sharing, groups are limited to 5-7 people.

Financial Contribution

 A contribution of $600 is requested for this 12 week course. In an effort to ensure that this important work is accessible to everyone, weekly payment plans of $50 per week are also available. 

10% of all proceeds from this program will go to reforestation projects in the Amazon and other reputable organizations working to support and protect the indigenous populations and the lands from which Ayahuasca comes. 


Private Sessions 

Private sessions for deeper processing and more individualized support are available at an additional cost. Please contact me for more details.

The next course will start with the New Moon on June 13th.



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