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Embodied Wholeness

Reclaim Your Power. Find Your Joy. Live Your Prayer.

"We are all just


each other home." 

   -Ram Das

We are living in powerful times. More and more people are awakening to the magic and beauty of creation, as our hearts open in connection to the wonder of being alive. Spiritual awareness has entered the collective consciousness, and a new world is being born. 


The paradox of this era is that as we open to the Infinite Light of existence, we come face to face with the full complexity of being human.


Each of carries so much potential, and often so much pain. Navigating between the two can be both exhausting and confusing, especially in a paradigm that is constantly encouraging us to find our sense of fulfillment and well-being in the outside world. Ancient Wisdom tells us that it is a fool who creates their garden of happiness in the external world alone. True peace and clarity are only sustainable when cultivated inside of ourselves first. 


I have spent the better part of my life untangling my own pain and trauma, and learning to find and create peace within me so that I can experience life from a more natural state of inspired freedom.  Like life itself, mine has been a journey that is constantly reflecting the natural cycles of creation and deconstruction. There is a dance to be mastered as we learn to meet life in its fullness. How can we live an empowered life of creative celebration, while also fearlessly diving into the shadows to heal and reclaim rejected pieces of ourselves? How do we embrace the entirety of our own Humanity? 


The work I offer is born from this ever-unfolding journey, and I find no greater joy in life than supporting you in your own path to embodied wholeness.

Private Sessions

Plant medicine work is powerful, life changing, and paradigm-shifting. Integrating this work is what allows that gift to become a part of you, as you move forward along your journey of healing and awakening. 

Important Disclaimer:  I am not a certified doctor or therapist, and these sessions are not intended in any way to replace work with a licensed psychotherapist or other medical professional. What I can offer is insight, tools and practices from almost a decade of personal experience, specifically regarding the journey of transformation & empowerment, as well as the nuances of healing with entheogenic plant medicine and Amazonian shamanism. However, none of what I present is intended as medical advice. If you are seeking support with severe psychological distress or trauma, it is important that you seek out a licensed professional who is legally qualified to help. 

Emotional Alchemy & Shadow Work

Every difficult situation offers an opportunity to transform our pain and come home to ourselves in a deeper way. As Carl Jung once said, "One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of Light, but by making the darkness conscious." I invite you to join me in this powerful journey of Radical Self-Love.

Ayahuasca Integration

Meditation Demystified

Meditation is as simple as it is ancient, with experiential effects ranging from physical relaxation to transcendental union. Anyone can do it, and I am here to guide you on an internal journey to the ever-present sense of home within each of us. 

"Working with Marni has been such a blessing. The combination of her safe and trusting space with her beautifully authentic and deeply intuitive energy has allowed me to access a level of depth to which I haven’t previously been able to open up. Every single guided meditation and facilitated process has been truly profound.

Marni’s graceful and divine presence has been deeply impactful to my life, and it is a gift to work with her."​

-Marta U.

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